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Coastal Design

Our approach to residential design is “from the inside out” – we design an efficient, working floor plan that reflects the owner’s program before we complete the final elevations. This is even more important in coastal homes with water views. We strive to create an interior that’s “light, open and airy”. We often feature a great room that combines an open plan kitchen/dining living area that is uninterrupted by walls or structure.

We begin every home with a thorough site analysis- which is also the key to passive solar design. We will take advantage of the natural attributes of any site- such as views, natural vegetation, breezes and solar orientation.

Our open plans emphasize visual communication between areas with light-filled soaring volumes. We capture views through the use of large expanses of glass in the appropriate places, always keeping in mind furniture layouts, fireplaces and televisions requirements as well. This can be a challenge at times, but one we’ve taken on hundreds of times over the years.

We see the kitchen as a “command center” or hub around which revolve the most important functions of the home. We design our kitchens as open entertainment areas, recognizing the fact that most people will gather there naturally. With raised or drop-down bars, and plenty of countertop space, our kitchens are flexible enough to handle intimate breakfasts to large buffet style holiday gatherings.

We plan out horizontal and vertical circulation to arrive at the most efficient use of space, and a home that is light on hallways, but heavy on practicality.  Our coastal homes are often on very small lots and space is a premium. We believe that our efficient use of space can save our clients thousands of dollars as well as can provide a small home that “lives” like a much larger one.

Some of our homes are designed as “reverse-living” plans where the main living level is on the uppermost floor. When designing such homes we make the vertical circulation as comfortable as possible. Our stairways become more of an event, and the procession to the upper floor becomes a pleasant experience. Expressive stair towers often punctuate the exterior massing of our homes, and can serve as thermal chimneys , great source of natural cooling. Elevators and dumbwaiters have become more popular in recent years and we provide our homes with them or the ability to easily add one in the future.

In planning the use of our homes through the year, we also take into account how the house will serve our clients in the off season. We provide storage in as many areas as possible, many times finding imaginative ways to house outdoor furniture, fishing gear and surfboards during the winter. In rental properties we allow for an “owner’s closet” which can be locked and inaccessible to tenants. We also provide easy ways in which the house can be “shut-down” for the winter if that is so desired. Quick-drain plumbing systems, security systems and heat detectors that notify owners of a sudden loss of heat are tools we can provide our clients.

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