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Our Design Philosophy

We design to solve problems. We’re given a set of parameters to meet and functional requirements to satisfy before we begin design.

Our homes are designed from the inside out- assuring that our homes

facilitate living first. We see the success of our product as first being judged by the improvement in the lives of our clients.


We facilitate living.

We streamline processes.

And we make day-to-day living more efficient and comfortable. 

We Protect your hard-earned investment by designing a home that will stand the test of time

Our built product serves as a backdrop for the activities of our clients. We believe finances are an important part of what we do. 

We have real-world construction and development experience that we bring to every project- and with that we can help tailor our designs to meet budgetary expectations. Our designs are site-responsive. Whether it’s a waterfront home with boundless vistas or infill homes on narrow lots- we design each our homes to take advantage of available views, natural amenities like solar orientation and prevailing breezes, while being cost-effective.

A common trait in our architecture is seen in our interiors. They are light, open and airy and often have dynamic volume spaces. Our homes are also designed and built to minimize maintenance while resisting the coast’s harsh environment.


The exteriors of our homes reflect the tastes of our clients. Many of our clients desire a traditional home that is a derivative of something they’ve seen before. Others seek contemporary architecture where we can express our creativity through bold and exciting sculptural forms.


Our contemporary exteriors are much like that of a crustacean - tough “shell-like” roofs that shield against the harsh coastal environment. External forms utilize dynamic forms and sculptural massing. We design our homes to be interesting & exciting in a way that complements the environment and works with nature rather than against it. 

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