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Come build with the Jersey Shore's #1 Design/ Build firm FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION! We are both LBI Architect & LBI Builder!

Waterfront Consruction & Flood Risk
Flood Prevention Architecture
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We use high quality low-maintenance materials with every house we construct! These materials include Timberline 'Lifetime' asphalt shingles, Certainteed vinyl siding products, and Andersen 400 series windows. All products are rated for 120 mph wind speeds and above to ensure you have the very best protection for your new custom Coastal home!

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Dear, dear Michael,


I just couldn't write to you until right now.   For months it has looked as if we would have to hoist and insert pilings of 13' rather than the 10' we had.   Fema has been the bane of my existence since two days after Sandy.  None of them ever told me about this photo, never mind what they would be using it for.   I tripped on it while looking for something else altogether.

That, my friend, is your work coupled with that of a graduate engineer who changed his mind along the way and became a finish carpenter and a general contractor who built one good house at a time.   How did I ever get so lucky?


We stayed here through the storm because I knew no motel would be this well built.   What an evening.  I sat up all night an watched Sandy destroy a restaurant nearby and two houses.   The one shown on the left is a bit deceiving because that was before the storm a two story house with a porch outside the top floor bedroom.  It was built n 1934 and had one heck of a run but one minute I looked out the window and saw that porch:  next time I looked it appeared my neighbor's had a swimming pool.  The porch fell to the ground probably when the ground floor was crushed.

We did, in fact, have a few problems.   The breakaway wall worked perfectly as did the vents on the side of the house.   The builder had put in underground drains to further encourage the water to move down toward the street and the sewer that is in front of this house.   We lost our cars and a much loved wooden boat and gardening and regular tools galore.   Our air conditioner just dropped off its platform and we had to touch up the concrete used on the driveway in front.   But that house on the left looks just the same today and it's only all the red tape that is preventing them from rebuilding.    Of the 45 houses out here on Good Luck Point, ours was the only one that didn't get a red sticker and today we are still alone out here but expecting two other families to return soon.

There aren't words in my vocabulary to thank you for being interested in what I wanted to do and just know you will forever be in my heart.

Many, many, many thanks.

Helen (Holmes)

8 Good Luck Drive

Bayville, NJ 08721

Above: Featured on FEMA website after Super Storm Sandy!

To the right: A letter from the home-owner describing her story during and after the storm


Energy- Efficient Architectue

Energy conservation has always been important to our firm. In recent years with the skyrocketing cost of fossil fuels, and the movement toward “green building” we are receiving more interest in our energy-efficient designs


We start each project with appropriate site responsive design in order to take advantage of the positive attributes natural light, prevailing breezes and vegetation. We design with the path of the sun in mind so we can welcome the desirable, controllable southern exposure and avoid or ward off the direct gain of the low-setting western sun. The demand for water views requires huge expanses of glass that is a challenge in itself.


We utilize energy-efficient high-performance glass, and make good use of overhangs to protect glazing from direct gain and driving rain.

Certainteed 5 Star Contractor
Alliance for a Living Ocean
Andersen Windows & Doors
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