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Mickey "Elvis" Pagnotta

The billboard gives a big thanks to those who have helped make Island’s End such a success. The project of 42 new homes sold out in record time and construction should be complete in 2022. We are still taking on new projects on other lots all over Long Beach island.

Our spokesman for the billboard is Mickey “Elvis” Pagnotta. Mickey was born in the spring of ’92 and we were in the middle of construction of the most incredible home on the island at the time. I was 31 and full of energy and crazy ideas. The home was a huge oceanfront that was designed around a three story round atrium with spaces radiating from a curved stair -each having spectacular views to the ocean and bay. The house was incredibly complex and when Mickey was born, the initial diagnosis of Down Syndrome surprised and scared me such that I found it challenging to focus on the construction. I didn’t know how I could finish the job. I’ve been blessed to have always been surrounded with incredible people and my  team rose to the occasion, completed the home and all went well. Through the growth of the company Mickey has been around the office and taken on various positions ultimately becoming the head of the Shredding Department. 

Over the years Mickey developed an Elvis tribute artist career, appearing on stage from Las Vegas to NYC with other Elvis artists as well his annual performance with the Phillie Phanatic during a Phillies games each summer. Please check out his karaoke story at :

Mickey “Elvis” has been an inspiration to me since those early days and I couldn’t be more proud of him or my employees who’ve adopted and embraced him for who he is and all he can do. 

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