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Custom Narrow Lot Homes on LBI

narrow lot homes on LBI


We have over twenty years experience in working with narrow lots and difficult sites as the Jersey Shore's Premier LBI Architect/ LBI Builder since 1990. The Jersey Shore is a densely populated area that is mostly made up of 40’, 50’ and 60’ wide lots. We’ve had great success in designing exciting floor plans that meet our clients’ needs, and look great from the outside to appeal to a broad base of buyers.

Towns along the Jersey Shore are filled with smaller sized lots. In years past, the typical seaside bungalow was a single story three bedroom home on a slab or on a crawl space foundation. As times have changed, these same lots are now asked to accommodate much larger homes that will be used for more than just the summer season. In many cases these homes will be used as permanent homes- and with more frequency as the boomers continue to retire and move to their summer haunts.The challenge in creating successful homes for small lots is to maximize the area allowed by zoning regulations, while avoiding the boxiness that can evolve by pushing every side and roof to their outer parameters.We design smaller homes to be as spatially efficient as possible. You will find very little square footage in hallways or in dead ends corners. We maximize every foot and get double use out of circulation space when possible.The use of natural light is important and the narrowness of a home can be visually mitigated with windows and an open floor plan.

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